Teens crims ‘door-stepping’ from homes

STOLEN: Police have recovered four stolen items from teens involved in "door stepping".

A group of young teenagers are suspected of stealing from properties in Broomfield, Hei Hei, Hornby and Wigram.

The eight boys and one girl, all aged between 13 and 15 have been taking items sitting on door steps and other parts of properties.

Senior Constable Bruce Ward said the offences were burglary.

He wants people who have had property stolen to come forward to the police.

Finding the owners of the stolen items could help connect the suspected teens to the crime in order to charge them, Senior Constable Ward said.

People often blamed themselves when items get stolen after being left outside and do not report to police, he said.

“They go: ‘Oh well, served yourself right,’ but it’s actually worthwhile. If someone has committed burglary, we want to know.”

Some of the stolen items were recovered after a parent of one of the suspected boys came forward. But the owners of the items were needed to prove they were stolen.

The recovered items were an Avanti bicycle, a Razor scooter, a pair of Nike Air Jordan sneakers and a another pair of Nike running shoes, the Senior Constable said.

“The Air Jordans are worth $300 and was stolen around Hei Hei Rd . . . they are really new,” he said.

The suspected youths called the act “door-stepping,” he

“What they mean by that is, at night time they go house by house and see what they can find . . . and of course it’s burglary when they go on another property to steal,” Senior Constable Ward said.

Three of the youths who the police suspected were involved are currently before the Youth Court facing unrelated charges of assault and dishonesty.

Some of the stolen items may have been sold or listed online on Facebook.

“That is a line that we’re investigating. At least three of them smoke cannabis and they’re not getting money from their parents, so it’s pretty straightforward [how they received the money],” Senior Constable Ward said.

•If the recovered items belong to you or if valuables were stolen from outside your property, phone Senior Constable Bruce Ward at the Hornby Police Station on 363 7435.