Genitalia, ‘pedo van free candy’ tagged on residents’ vehicles

TAGGED: A car on Brixton St had the word "Drugs?" spray painted over on Sunday.

Several Broomfield and Islington residents were left with some rude signs on their vehicles.

A vehicle was tagged with the phrase, “drugs?” while another had “pedo van free candy?” Others had male genitalia spray painted on the sides and bonnets.

A police spokeswoman said two incidents of tagging on cars were reported but victims informed them of other incidents in the area that went unreported by vehicle owners.

Between 8pm on Friday and 10am on Saturday a Toyota Corolla on Brixton St was reported to have been tagged and between 2am and 8am on Sunday a Nissan diesel MK240 truck on Malabar Cres was tagged, she said.

“We do encourage people to report these incidents to give us an accurate picture of what’s happening in our communities.”

No arrests have been made in relation to the tagging and investigations are ongoing.

 A vehicle was tagged with “pedo van free candy” on Brixton St.