Gayhurst Bridge intersection not cause of fatal accident-city council


An electronic speed sign will be installed near the Gayhurst Rd bridge as part of a programme of works to help slow traffic in the area.

But city council staff say the speed sign is not being put in to address safety issues at the bridge, in spite of concerns raised by Dallington residents.

The $10,000 speed sign will be installed 600m north of the bridge next month, close to the residential section of Gayhurst Rd, to slow vehicles down travelling away from the bridge.

It comes after Steffan Pearce-Loe, 30, died after being hit by a car while walking his dogs in Dallington earlier this month.

City council transport operations manager Steffan Thomas said the crash did not occur at the Gayhurst Rd bridge, but about 100m north of the intersection.

He said a search of the New Zealand Transport Agency crash analysis system database reveals no reported crashes at or within 100m of the intersection in the past three years.

But Dallington Residents’ Association chairwoman Bebe Frayle said it was hard to tell the cause of the accident.

“The thing is if you go down and look at it, if you are standing on either side of the bridge, you can’t see a car coming and a car can’t see you. If a car was going really fast, it would be upon you before it knew you were there. If it is dark, you would be invisible.”

Mrs Frayle made a deputation to the Coastal-Burwood Community Board about safety concerns at the bridge intersection last week.

She raised a range of concerns, including poor visibility for traffic coming onto the bridge and there being no safe way for cyclists to get across the bridge at peak traffic times. It was decided a site visit involving city council staff, residents and the community board will be planned.

Last year, the city council reviewed the intersection and bridge design following concerns raised by city councillor Glenn Livingstone and residents. Minor safety improvements were implemented to moderate speeds and provide more protection for vehicles waiting in the flush median on Gloucester St.

Both Mrs Frayle and Cr Livingstone said they were happy with the outcome and the site meeting proposal. Cr Livingstone said traffic engineers and residents have different views which aren’t matching up and it would be good to have everyone on site.