Councillor stands by comments, ‘the ball was dropped’

UPGRADE: Cranford St will soon become four lanes as part of the Northern Arterial upgrades, which has businesses worried about congestion.

Community board member Mike Davidson is still at loggerheads with the city council and New Zealand Transport Agency over the Christchurch Northern Corridor extension.

City council and NZTA said it provided regular project updates to residents and the Papanui-Innes Community Board.

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Cr Davidson slammed the city council and New Zealand Transport Agency’s consultation process for the Northern Arterial extension and Cranford St upgrade at a council meeting on July 12, saying it was “unbelievable and unacceptable.”

The project will see Cranford St, north of McFaddens Rd, upgraded to four lanes and an upgrade to the Cranford St, Innes Rd intersection.

Cr Davidson said he was disappointed that for one of the consultations in May, the Papanui-Innes Community Board was only informed about it one day before it closed.

However, a NZTA spokeswoman said last week that the CNC team “provides regular project updates to affected residents along Cranford St and also provides quarterly briefings to the community board.”

City council manager planning and delivery Lynette Ellis, said key stakeholders, including the community board were informed about consultation.

But Cr Davidson says he doesn’t believe that is correct.

“At no time was I, or other members of the community board, aware that was being consulted on
. . . I think we may have had a briefing from staff earlier in the year about some of the things that were happening, which is totally different to being informed that there was a consultation under way.”

Cr Davidson said by not advertising the consultation more externally, like putting it on their website, it limited people’s ability to have a say, which is “not acceptable.”

“Majority of time the CNC team have kept residents and the community board up-to-date with progress . . . but the ball was dropped with this consultation,” he said.

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