Council, community group giving firewood to those who can’t afford it

KEEPING WARM: The district council is helping heat homes in the area through supporting the work of the Firewood Mission.

The district council is working with a community group to help it supply firewood to those in need.

It leases part of a gravel pit at Broadfield near Prebbleton to the Firewood Mission, which uses the space to split and cut the wood to prepare it for delivery.

The Firewood Mission, which was set up 17 years ago by Al Fone, delivers firewood to those who can’t afford it, helping keep their households warm during winter.

District council acquisitions disposals and leasing manager Rob Allen said a resource consent allows the charity to use part of the pit to prepare the wood.

He said it’s fantastic for the district council to give back to a charitable organisation working to help those in need.

Last year the Firewood Mission delivered 333 cu m of wood to 111 households. Each household receives three cubic metres.

Mr Fone said his team of about 30 volunteers has worked tirelessly felling, splitting, sorting and delivering wood.