Board fighting suburb’s exclusion in combined campus school zone

DEVELOPMENT: Latest drone footage of the construction of the new Shirley Boys' and Avonside Girls' High School campus being built at QEII Park

The Coastal-Burwood and Papanui-Innes Community Boards will meet with Ministry of Education representatives to discuss concerns it has with the proposed zone changes for Avonside Girls’ and Shirley Boys’ High Schools.

The meeting has been confirmed for the middle of next month.

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MoE Canterbury education director Coralanne Child and principal adviser Simon Blatchford will be present at the meeting.

It comes after the two schools, which will relocate to a shared campus at QE II Park next year, are required to create a new enrolment zone.

Students living in Shirley, Richmond, Avonside, Edgeware and parts of Linwood will still be able to attend the schools, but only on a ‘transitional arrangement’.

The addresses will only be deemed ‘in zone’ for as long as they contain the children currently at the address and does not include people who move in to the area.

Prestons subdivision was not included in the zone at all.

Coastal-Burwood Community Board chairwoman Kim Money said from her board’s point of view, the main concern is the Prestons subdivision, which has been left out.

She said it is a huge thing shifting two high schools and while it will be a loss for the Shirley-Papanui area, it will be a gain for the Coastal-Burwood area.

Ms Money said the board has a good relationship with the MoE and the point is to have a discussion about the changes
in the area.

She said it is the board’s goal to have Prestons included in the zoning.

Papanui-Innes Community Board chairwoman Ali Jones said the board doesn’t have a definite idea of what it would like to discuss yet.

“One of the issues that the board members raised was the time frame that the MoE is putting on the temporary extension of the boundaries, so that is something we will be raising with them. Other things will probably come out of the discussion,” she said.

A site meeting is also planned at QE II next month with the MoE, Shirley and Avonside schools, the Coastal-Burwood Community Board and city council is planned for next month.

It is to discuss installing a signalised crossing on Travis Rd to ensure the safety of students at the new school.

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