Audit finds level crossing incorrectly marked

NO PASSING: The southeast approach to the level crossing at Annex Rd, Middleton is incorrectly marked as it does not have no overtaking lines. PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER

An audit of level crossings across the city has found a number of them have the wrong road markings.

Sixteen of the 42 level crossings around the city were incorrectly marked, with four being in the Halswell, Hornby and Riccarton Wards. A level crossing is an intersection where a railway line crosses a road at the same level.

City council transport operations manager Steffan Thomas said the city council did not know why the crossings were incorrectly marked.

The city council has no plans to investigate why the mistakes were made.

“The correct markings are a solid yellow line to the left of the white centre line to indicate that motorists should not overtake approaching the level crossing. The exact length depends on the location,” he said.

The road rules state that double yellow lines or a flush median near a level crossing also indicated no overtaking.

New Zealand Transport Agency’s Traffic Control Devices Manual published in 2012, said that no overtaking road markings needed to be a minimum distance of 65m from the level crossing.

The road user manual stated that a driver must not pass or attempt to pass another vehicle moving in the same direction at or within 60m of a level crossing.

The audit found that some level crossing approaches in the city did not have “no overtaking” lines or the existing lines were not 65m long.

Mr Thomas said the audit was done throughout the first half of the year.

“Staff identified 16 level crossings out of 42 which had overtaking lines that were not 100 per cent correct,” he said.

The audit was initiated by the city council and it is not facing penalties from the NZTA for the
wrong markings, Mr Thomas said.

At Annex Rd in Middleton, the southeast approach to the level crossing was missing no overtaking lines. The Parker St level crossing in Islington also lacked no overtaking lines from the southern approach to the railway tracks.

Painting the road markings across the city is estimated to cost $10,000 and the city council planned to make the corrections by the end of the month.

Of the 16 level crossings that were incorrectly marked, one accident was reported at Kainga Rd in the past five years, KiwiRail said.