Alice! entertains with four sold out shows

DRAMA: Gyda Heidtke, year 13, plays a re-imagined version of The Caterpillar.

St Margaret’s College’s annual production Alice! was a modern take on a classic
fairy-tale which sold out all
four shows.

Based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the multi-media production had large-scale music and dance numbers and involved one third of the school’s students.

Held at the school’s Charles Luney Auditorium, Carroll’s favourite characters were brought to life and re-imagined through costuming.

School spokeswoman Nicki McDonald described the feedback and praise from the community as “overwhelming.”

SMILE: The Matt Hatter character was played by year 13 srtudent Izzie van der Hoorn.

LIFT: from left Year 13 student Julia Beker (left) and Poppy Cox, also year 13, lift Alice, played by year 12 student Isabella Leighs.

MEOW: The Cheshire Cat was played by year 13 student Polly Forbes.