Access all areas for Barrington Park play

An inclusive play space that features a wheelchair-accessible climbing structure and carousel – along with visual aids – has opened in Barrington Park.

City council head of parks Andrew Rutledge said the major upgrade has resulted in a wonderful play space that can be enjoyed by youngsters with a mix of abilities and skills.

“Barrington Park now hosts an inclusive area that caters for children with disabilities,” Mr Rutledge said.

“From a wheelchair-accessible sand play feature to a carousel suitable for two wheelchairs or pushchairs, the new space offers multiple opportunities for interactive play.

“The climbing structure is 90 per cent wheelchair accessible, with ramps with a suitable gradient, plenty of room for turning around, play panels and talk tubes.

“Youngsters can also sit or lie on a net see-saw and the jumping jacks.

“The visual aids on the climbing structure and equipment colour choices all contribute to the creation of a play space that meets multiple needs.”

Among the other all-access features are a high-back infant swing seat, a basket swing, a stainless steel slide, a babel drum and talk tubes throughout the play space.

A central path connects all the spaces and allows users to move between the areas with ease.

Most areas have accessible safety surfaces.

“We have also included accessible picnic tables and seating and a periphery path,” Mr Rutledge said.

“The design has been peer reviewed by the Barrier Free NZ Trust to ensure it is as inclusive as possible while still providing a challenge to users.”

For the more adventurous, the play space features several slides, a fireman’s pole and a custom-made rock-climbing boulder with a tunnel, monkey bars and a balance beam.

Work began on the park in April, with landscaping to be completed as the area dried out.

Communication boards will be added to the play space in the coming months, as well as abike stand and a scooter stand.