Surface flooding on some Christchurch roads

Drivers are being urged to take extreme care on the roads this morning as heavy overnight rain has caused surface flooding in some areas.

Clarendon Tce between Opawa Rd and Sheldon St has been closed due to flooding.

Other streets affected by surface water include Aynsley Tce and Richardson Tce, Cashmere Rd by Oderings Nursery, and Pages Rd between Bexley Rd and Anzac Drive.

City council city streets maintenance manager Mark Pinner said the surface flooding was most likely due to blocked sumps. Contractors were working to clear the sumps, prioritising the most flood prone areas.

“We’re expecting more rain this morning so it is important people take care on the roads. If they can, they should avoid driving through flood waters. If they have to go through, they should go slowly so they don’t push water onto private property,’’ Mr Pinner said.

Snow is falling in parts of Banks Peninsula but currently all roads are passable.

Flooding is currently affecting some of our roads this morning.