Spied on? This is what she saw out her window

CREEPY: Scarborough Hill resident Lucy Jackson spotted a drone 20m from her front window on Monday night.
Scarborough residents are worried they’re being spied on by drones.
Lucy Broadhurst, who lives halfway up Scarborough Hill, was sitting with her partner in the bay window of their house about 10pm on Monday night when they spotted a red light hovering about 20m away.
They initially thought it was a vehicle’s tail light but recognised it as a drone when it started moving up and down.
Ms Broadhurst reacted by pulling the finger, “which made whoever (was) controlling the drone immediately take it down,” she said.
“It felt really creepy that somebody was looking into our living room. Our conclusion was it’s someone being nosy or, it seems a bit drastic, but scouting for stealing things.”
Ms Broadhurst reported the incident to police the following morning after telling a friend.
Lyttelton Police Station supervisor Sergeant Franco Lovrich said they would be very keen to hear from anyone with information about the owner of the drone, or any drones spotted at night.
It is illegal to use a drone outside daylight hours without special permission, or to film a person or their private property without their permission.