Speed limit reduced on some 100km/h roads

Five rural Yaldhurst roads are set to have their speed limits lowered.

The Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board decided last week that the 100km/h speed limit on Conservators Rd, Coringa Rd, Guys Rd, Ryans Rd and Savills Rd had to be reduced to 80 km/h.

City council staff said the rural roads had narrow carriageways and the speeds were not appropriate when the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) Speed Management Guide was applied.

The speed management guide was released by the NZTA in November 2016. It said the guide is a “tool” to help road controlling authorities determine road risks and develop speed management plans.

The lower speeds would be implemented early in the 2018-19 financial year beginning in July, city council staff said.

Canterbury Road Policing manager Inspector Al Stewart said slower speeds made the roads safer.

“A reduction of the average speed on our roads by 1km/h would lead to a four per cent reduction in road trauma, so we would support a reduction in speed as it will increase the safety of all road users,” Inspector Stewart said.

He said the police and local authorities were not the only ones responsible for road safety and called on the public to do their bit.

“Decisions you make as a driver impact not only you and those in your vehicle, but everyone else on the road as well. Please remember to keep a check on your speed and drive to the conditions – less speed means less harm.”

Number of crashes on the roads in the past 10 years:

Ryans Rd: 18 including 1 fatal

Conservators Rd: 3

Coringa Rd: 0

Guys Rd: 1

Savills Rd: 1