Selwyn schools struggle with car parking

PROBLEMS: Greendale School staff and teachers are having to park on grass due to a lack of parking spaces.

Calls are being made for better car parking at schools in the district.

Greendale School teacher aide Jan Douglas wrote a letter to the Malvern Community Board about the issue, saying there is currently six spaces for vehicles at the school and with up to 13 staff, it’s “unacceptable.”

She said the road is “too narrow” for parking and so, some staff have to park on the grass and in winter, their vehicles get stuck.

Community board member Karen Meares said it’s a problem many schools face in the district.

She said the “parking itself is not an issue it is the state of the roadside kerbs and the puddles and the muddiness that is developing in these parking areas.”

Mrs Meares said Hororata and Glentunnel Schools have problems with their car parks also.

Hororata School principal Martyn Gameson made a submission on the district council’s Long Term Plan asking for funding to solve ongoing concerns with the condition of the Bealey Rd frontage outside the school.

In it, Mr Gameson said the “short-term” solution of applying substrate to the area “looked good” but has now resulted in it washing over the footpaths and stormwater drains as a result of heavy rain.

“This matter needs to be urgently addressed by the council, as in its current condition the area poses a significant hazard to motorists, pedestrians and our school,” he said.

District councillor John Morten said the Ministry of Education is given funding to provide facilities which included the building of schools and the provision of car parks.

Mrs Meares suggested schools in the district make a collaborative effort to raise the issue with the ministry and apply pressure on it.