School has had enough of impatient drivers

SAFETY FIRST: Avonhead School pupils use the road patrol to cross a busy Avonhead Rd on Thursday.

School pupils crossing Avonhead Rd are being put in danger because of poor driver behaviour.

Avonhead School deputy principal Vicki Lewis says it is an accident waiting to happen.

She said impatient motorists are not following basic road rules, particularly during the school’s road patrols.

“Please remember that on Avonhead Rd one arm goes out at a time on the crossing,” Mrs Lewis said.

“If you see students on either side of the road waiting to cross, please stop.”

She said while the majority of drivers behaved well, there were enough instances of poor behaviour to make the road unsafe during peak times.

“I’ve seen people with cell phones while driving and I once had an older lady who stopped the car and told me that both signs should go out at the same time. I just thought, ‘wow’.”

The city council recently repainted the crossing and no parking areas in an attempt to improve safety on the road.

While there had been fewer instances of poor driver behaviour since, they hadn’t stopped, Mrs Lewis said.

“The yellow lines don’t mean ‘park here for a few minutes’. Parking on these yellow lines, even for a short time, affects the road patrollers’ ability to see properly and compromises the safety of our students.

“Also, doing a U-turn in front of a crossing is not a good idea. The extra time to drive to the roundabout is worth it,” Mrs Lewis said.

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