Rescue kittens keep stretch classes purring

Instructor Oliva Andersen said it was easy to be distracted by the kittens during the stretch class. PHOTO: STACEY BRYAN

Cat Rescue Christchurch has teamed up with the Altitude Pole and Fitness studio to bring kitten stretch classes to the city.

The two 90min stretch sessions sold out well in advance due to the promise of cuddles with rescued kittens during the class.

A relaxing Saturday: Nicole Roberts, 28, attended the first Kitten Stretch class and then snuck into the second one to steal some kitten cuddles. PHOTO: Elle Catraz Photography

Altitude Pole and Fitness instructor Oliva Andersen said the fundraiser was intended to be a one-off, but a second class was added to cope with the hugely positive response from the public.

“Everyone was basically just in awe,” she said.

Miss Andersen said it was great to be able to do something good for the kittens, as well as the class participants.

As a non-profit organisation, CRC uses its fundraised money to pay for the medical bills of the cats it rescues.

CRC volunteer Michelle Fitz Patrick said because the organisation does not have a centre, there is normally nowhere for people to go and see the cats available for adoption.

“This brings them all out for people to actually see . . . and they are all on Trade Me waiting to be adopted”

The first two classes raised $800 for CRC and inspired several people to sign up as volunteers.

Miss Andersen said the classes also resulted in two kittens being adopted. She said as a cat lover, it was difficult to resist taking one home.

She thinks there will be a demand for more kitten stretch classes in the future, but it would involve a lot of organisation to fit them around the studio’s already full schedule.