Renovating? You need Sarita in your life

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My 1910s villa is a bit of a liquorice allsort, according to my new best friend Sarita. To be honest, I prefer Fruit Bursts, but I don’t think that was her point.

Sarita Scarlett is Agility Building Solutions’ project coordinator. I call them the house whispers of restoration and renovations.

Of course, Sarita doesn’t know she is my new best friend, but she won’t be perturbed. She has a great laugh about her – I imagine she’d be a gas out on the town.

Let me rewind for you to see how she came into my life.

I popped around to my parents and the telly was on. Apparently there is a whole rudding channel dedicated to home improvement and pa has developed a fondness for it, knowing that he will be called upon to help fix my house.

The programme on nearly drove me to drink. It was a stone house restoration. Completely shagged of course. Half an hour later, though, it was an ode to the forefathers of the United Sates or some rot like that.

But I was in a state of misery. A team of restorers had to be used and there were hidden defects that would have seen the upstairs crash down upon those bathing below.

Now when I look around my house, which I’ve named Mildred Mary, my naive No 8 wire spirit has been rocked. And I’ve no mind to have someone crashing down on me while I’m showering.

That’s when Sarita came into my life. She is chief hand-holder and soothsayer for the house whisperers. Though she does draw the line at relationship advice.

I confided in her that I don’t actually know what I am doing. I know the council and a builder will be involved. Very likely my wine merchant for sustenance.

I told her Mildred Mary was once a grocery shop – I have the 1932 photo. Teenagers casually rocking their pinafores, puffing out their smocked chests.

But then there is the kitchen, living room and master suite, which looks more modern, and then the bathroom, spare bedroom and attic studies from the 1980s.

“It’s a liquorice allsort,” said Sarita, as she soothed my furrowed brow,”when you’ve done it up, it will be beautiful, I love those places with character.”

My heart swelled with pride. Like my bathroom with condensation.

She will take care of everything alongside of the project managers including owner Harry.

Everyone needs a Sarita in their lives, so head down to the Home & Leisure Show, take in a few photos of your project and let the house whisperers take it from there.

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