Rawhiti teachers dust off school uniforms

CHANGE: Teachers Amy Parish and Rachel Beaumont in school uniforms.

It was a trip down memory lane for Rawhiti School teachers last week ­who put their old school uniforms back on for the day.

Pupils and teachers swapped, with the children getting to wear their favourite mufti clothes while teachers dressed in school uniforms.

The day was a result of a new raffle-­styled reward system the school has in place.

Each pupil caught displaying the school’s ‘RISE’ ( resilience, integrity, success and empathy) values received a token allowing them to come up with ideas for rewards they would like to see for the whole school.

When the token box is full the most popular idea is chosen.

Other ideas include a sausage sizzle, school disco or trip to Thomson Park­ with the mufti/school uniform day being the first reward chosen for the school.

Deputy principal Paul Wilkinson said the day was “fantastic” and the school had a wonderful time.

He joked that several detentions were handed out requiring teachers to go to the “thinking room”.

CHANGE: Teachers Amy Parish and Rachel Beaumont in school uniforms.

SWAP: Pupil Lincoln Flammer and deputy principal Paul Wilkinson. Lincoln came dressed as Mr Wilkinson for the day.

DELIGHTFUL: Cheryl Nuthall on the phone in the office.

CLEVER: Whaea Jasmine Stirling, Sharon Thompson and Nogo Sipeli in Hillmorton High School, Hogwarts and Middleton Grange School uniforms.

DRESSED UP: Kathy Lumley, Whaea Kylie O’Keeffe, Whaea Clowance Nolan and Eugene Becconsall in Rawhiti uniforms.