Plea for co-ordinated fix at Cass Bay

A damaged footpath

Damaged footpaths, missing steps and broken benches are putting people off using the Cass Bay playground, the committee tasked with its management believes.

It wants the city council to update the playground facilities and equipment at the same time as the toilet block renewal, which has been signalled for 2019/20 in the draft Long Term Plan.

Cass Bay Reserve Management Committee chairwoman Jenny Healey spoke at a submission hearing last week.

She asked for $100,000 of development work on paths and seating to be brought forward to this year and for extra funding to upgrade the playground.

It wants the work to take place at the same time as the toilet block renewal.

“This will lead to a more cohesive, cost-effective result and be less disruptive to the community and people who use it,” Ms Healey told Bay Harbour News.

An increasing number of people were also using the Corsair Bay-Cass Bay track, she said, with an estimated 60,000 people projected to walk it this year.