‘It’s driving me nuts’: Lodestar Ave solution delay angers resident

NOISY: Large container trucks on Lodestar Ave in Wigram. PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER.

A Wigram Skies resident is angry after further delays on operational guidelines for the new traffic and parking bylaw.

The bylaw, which would allow heavy vehicles to be banned from roads such as Lodestar Ave came into force in March. But the bylaw needed operational guidelines in order to be used by community boards.

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Lodestar Ave homeowner Wanda Waites felt residents have been forgotten by the city council.

“It’s taking too long and it’s driving me nuts,” she said.

Ms Waites plans to move out of the area in the summer because of the trucks and other personal issues.

“They [truck drivers] give me dirty looks, they think it’s all because of me because they have seen my picture in the paper,” she said.

The guidelines were first expected to be finished in mid May, before being delayed for another two weeks.

City council transport operation manager Steffan Thomas said that it is now not expected until the end of next month.

The delays were due to staff focussing on the Long Term Plan, he said.

When the bylaw was passed Ms Waites felt optimistic about the future of Lodestar Ave, but because of the delays, the feeling has eroded away, she said.

Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board chairman Mike Mora said the guidelines will be presented to the city council’s infrastructure, transport and environment committee next month, but did not know an exact date.

“I can assure to all readers that they are being listened to,” Mr Mora said.

He admitted progress had been slow but said staff have been working to finalise the document for the past two months.