Grandparents reading programme at Clearview

HELPING OUT: Grandmother Sue Walker reads to Georgia May, 6 and Leyton Croucher, 6 at Clearview Primary School during a Grandparents Reading Programme session at the school.

Grandparents are helping pupils read at Clearview Primary School in Rolleston.

The Grandparents Reading Programme was set up at school at the beginning of the term and, so far, 10 grandparents have signed up.

Teacher Erin Sutherland said the programme “aims to provide the children with opportunities for practising their reading.”

She said it also gives pupils the opportunity to form positive relationships with the grandparent they read with.

Miss Sutherland said the idea for the programme came from other schools.

“We were thrilled by the number of offers of help, and were able to set up the programme across two teams,” she said.

Pupils like it when grandparents read a story to them at the end of the session, she said

“It provides children with a model of how good reading sounds. Some of the grandparents even bring their own special books along with them to share.”

However, Miss Sutherland said not all volunteers have grandchildren at school.

“As you walk through the learning spaces, it’s lovely to hear the encouraging words from our volunteers and see the beaming faces of the readers,” Miss Sutherland said.

•If you are a grandparent and would like to read with pupils, please email