Free breakfast club begins in Northcote

A free hot breakfast including baked beans, spaghetti, sausages and porridge is being served up to the Northcote and Redwood community.

An off-shoot from community development organisation Te Ora Hou Otautahi, Neighbourhood Links, has begun its own breakfast club and fed about 80 people in its first week.

Located at Northcote School, the breakfast club is different to others in that it doesn’t just operate for the school. It is open to families and anyone else in the community who wants to come along, said organiser and community development worker Joss Butriss.

“It’s been fabulous. We couldn’t have asked for better. Already after the first week I’ve got kids asking if I can do it five days a week,” said Miss Butriss.

Currently the club runs on Monday and Wednesdays.

Miss Butriss said the club is more than just feeding people, “it’s about the connections and philosophy behind it.”

She will evaluate the programme at the end of the term to see if there is a need to extend it to cover more days.

•Want to head along? Breakfast Club runs on Mondays and Wednesdays at Northcote School on Tuckers Rd from 8am-8.45am.