Wagner: Red zone the new Hagley Park

ROADS: An aerial view of the residential red zone.

As far as I am concerned Hagley Park is the jewel in the crown of Christchurch.

Its wide open spaces, flourishing gardens and riverside setting make the central city a great place to live. I certainly appreciated our pioneers’ foresight when my kids were growing up and needed a green space to run off their energy and boot a ball away from our windows.

The residential red zone is to our generation what Hagley Park was to the pioneers.

We’ve all been talking about opportunities for development for the last five years and now Regenerate Christchurch has created an exhibition of land use options and ideas for the final design. I strongly urge you to head down and have your say.

The ideas have evolved through extensive community consultation and, after careful consideration and assessment, the final options are up for discussion. While some
questions remain about
which projects have been selected and why the flat water facility for water sports has been excluded, this should not deter anyone from viewing the exhibition.

The innovative and creative development of the residential red zone is a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity for our city. And like the pioneers who laid out Hagley Park, we too have the chance to gift future generations an amazing green space to increase the quality of life in Christchurch.

So head into the city and make a day of it with a trip to the newly-developed Avon-Otakaro precinct – including the Oi Manawa Earthquake Memorial and the Margaret Mahy Playground – and have your say on how you would like the rest of the Avon-Otakaro corridor and its environs to look.

The exhibition runs from Saturday, May 26, to Saturday, June 30, at 99 Cashel St in Cashel Mall.

•Wagner is a National list MP for Christchurch Central and spokeswoman for Greater Christchurch Regeneration