The Bar Fly: Moon Under Water

Beverages, snacks, and a game of Connect Four went quite nicely together at Moon Under Water.

There’s nothing quite like popping out on a Sunday afternoon for a few brews with a mate to catch up on all the weekend’s triumphs and more commonly, mistakes.

After straying from the local we found ourselves at Moon Under Water in Somerfield.

Upon entering, one question begged, do they have a live band on today or are they just punters with instruments?

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying they were bad, it’s just confusing when the band – which did some bloody good covers – is assembled around a table normally reserved for dining in the middle of the bar.

The mood was buoyant for an otherwise ordinary Sunday wind down, and we were lucky to grab one of the last tables inside.

As the soothing sound of the live band/punters with instruments broke into a cracking rendition of That’s Entertainment by The Jam my lips became wet by the prospect of the dozen tap beer options in front of me.

The range of hipster crafted stouts and hoppy Indian pale ales is great and I’m sure I’d like at least a third of them. However, I’m playing it safe with the first round.

I’m glad I did, the Laboratory Lager was crisp and clean – a delight to any boring lager drinker like myself.

Amid conversation about as riveting as conversation can get while feeling dusty on a Sunday I spotted a collection of board games – genius. It’s almost sad to think I only need to be half a pint deep for my brain to return to a childlike state where beating your best mate in every game of Connect Four is the be-all-end-all.

After giving up halfway through the match when the bottom of the playset gave way we decided it was snack time.

Fried chicken, calamari and fries were the order of the day. The first two were done to perfection. The fries just didn’t do it for me, but the chicken and calamari offset a bowl of oily fries.

I did eventually venture for more crafty options on tap. It’s good to go out of your comfort zone sometimes, the pale ale went down pleasantly much to my own surprise.

As the band eventually filtered down to just one punter left with an instrument, we called it a day and a successful one at that. If you’re after a Sunday session where live music and friendly banter is in the offering rather than live sport on the box then I give Moon Under Water a thumbs up.

– Moon Under Water, 152 Somerfield St

Rating out of 5:

Drink selection – 4

Snacks – 3.5

Atmosphere – 4.5

Service – 4