Friday, July 19, 2019
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Watch: Re-piered and ready to re-open

New Brighton Pier is being fully reopened to the public after 16 months of earthquake repairs.

From Saturday people will be able to walk the full 300m length of the Pier.

“We’ve now fixed all 17 support columns,” said David Adamson, city council general manager city services.

Much of that work was below sea level.

“The process involved our contractors building watertight caissons, which are basically segmented watertight tubes, around each column and doing the work in the dry environment inside.

“Visitors may see a few contractors onsite adding some finishing touches, removing their gear and landscaping some of the beach and vegetation, but otherwise everything’s back to how it should be.”

The original budget for the project was $9.7 million, but cost savings along the way meant the project was completed under budget.  The final cost was about $8.5 million.

The project faced a number of technical challenges, including disruption from two cyclones, but the pier is now back to pre-earthquake condition.

“Some of the earthquake damage had left the Pier’s support columns vulnerable to rust, and in a marine environment that was the biggest threat to the Pier having a long lifespan,” Mr Adamson said.

“We now have everything patched up and strengthened, and it means this instantly recognisable landmark will be around for generations to come.”