Proposal for Lyttelton Harbour Equine Hub

IDEA: The Harbour Equine Community has made a submission on the city council's Long Term Plan 2018-28, proposing to establish a Lyttelton Harbour Equine Hub.

A submission on the city council’s Long Term Plan could see the establishment of a multipurpose riding arena at Allandale Domain.

Harbour Equine Community co-ordinator Laila Aldridge has made a submission on behalf of the group to establish a Lyttelton Harbour Equine Hub, and will speak to city councillors about the proposal tomorrow.

The group said its vision was to establish the hub by building an all-weather, covered riding arena.

The equine community wants the city council to continue to fund drainage and existing riding facility upgrades at the domain over the next three years.

Its submission said the domain and horse paddock had “deteriorated heavily” since the earthquakes.

The group puts the deterioration down to poor drainage and weather exposure. But it believes the proposed facility would be beneficial.

“The hub would provide the necessary infrastructure to grow the equine recreational activities, advance rural life style and make it available for public enjoyment,” the group‘s submission said.

Living Springs business development manager Wendy Duggan submitted a letter of support with the equine community’s proposal.

It said “the proposed facility will be in close proximity to the Living Springs Farm Park and will greatly enhance the recreation opportunities of the visitors to camp.”