Plan to make Palmers Rd safer

SAFETY: The Coastal-Burwood Community Board have approved for Palmers Rd to be narrowed to 10 metres in a bid to prevent crashes in the future.

A hazardous road in New Brighton will be narrowed in a bid to be made safer.

At its recent meeting, the Coastal-­Burwood Community Board has approved for Palmers Rd (Bowhill­ Rd-New Brighton Rd) to be narrowed to 10m to make it safer.

The road has been a concern for residents with 12 crashes reported between 2005 and 2016.

City council staff originally recommended plans of narrowing the road to 9m.

But the board viewed 9m as too narrow. It had concerns the road is a significant link for traffic from North Beach to the city and is a vital exit road in emergencies.

At the meeting, city councillor David East said his main concern was the consistency of the roads in the area.

“I just want to see some consistency and, frankly, I keep going back to the ludicrous decision to classify Palmers Rd as a local road.”

“I would like to see Palmers Rd as a 12m road but even that is going to be a nightmare . . . it is not a local road, it is a reasonably well­ used thoroughfare.”

Cr East raised concerns the last time there was a tsunami evacuation the traffic was backed up for miles and a narrower Palmers Rd will make it even worse.

But he voted for the road to be narrowed to 10m.

He told Pegasus Post the road needs to be upgraded, and although 10m is not ideal there seems to be “no way in hell” he can persuade council staff to construct a 12m road.

But community board member Tim Baker’s vote was recorded against the decision.

He said while narrowing the road to 10m is fine, 9m would have been sufficient and made the road slower.

The board also requested further investigation reducing and removing all chicanes from its plans.

It would also like council staff to consider removing a chicane from outside 96 Palmers Rd to allow for an extra car ­park.

Mr Baker said he disagreed, as the chicanes will slow the traffic down­ which is what the people want.

But Cr East said he is “probably” leaning towards a 10m road with no chicanes.

Work for the project will not begin until mid-2018.

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  1. I would like to see the ‘science’ behind the theory that narrowing roads makes them safer.
    Our once safe and comfortably wide street in Richmond was ‘narrowed’ and is now much more unsafe hardly room for two cars to pass each other between parked cars, no room for cyclists – two trucks would struggle to pass each other – most drivers now wait while oncoming traffic has gone by to move forward – not sure how any of these ‘improvements actually helps’?