Parking wardens to have job description extended?

GOOD IDEA?:Parking wardens could have extra roles added to their job description. PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER

Becoming the eyes and ears of police, helping visitors, and identifying hazards could be added to parking wardens’ job descriptions.

That’s if the Central City Business Association has its way.

The association has asked the city council for funding to reinstate its ambassador programme in the draft Long Term Plan to curb anti-social behaviour in the central city.

It has suggested parking wardens could be up-skilled to assist.

“We thought that parking wardens tend to get a bad rap, it must be a hard job. They do have quite a lot of turnover of staff in that area. It could give them a slightly wider brief that’s a bit more exciting and a bit more fun,” Business association manager Paul Lonsdale said.

“They could double act as a city host, helping people get around the city and combine that with the ambassador programme.”

City councillor and Safer Christchurch Strategy Committee chairwoman Anne Galloway said there was still a lot to be worked through, but the idea had merit.

“The strength is these folk are there anyway, they are out there doing their job. There may be some prepared to do that, and there may be some who perhaps might think that’s not their role at all.”

City councillor Jamie Gough said the idea had merit, and could “kill two birds with one stone.”

“In saying that we can’t have unreasonable expectations of them.”