Objection to proposed bottle store in Lincoln

LIQUOR: Some Lincoln residents are opposed to a proposal for a bottle shop to be opened on Eastfield Drive.

Another liquor outlet is hoping to set up shop in Lincoln, but residents say the township already has enough.

An application has been submitted by Balhae Ltd for an off-licence bottle store known as Lincoln Liquor Centre, on Eastfield Drive.

But some residents believe the centre, which is proposing to be open 7am-9pm everyday, is unnecessary.

Lincoln resident Tania Roxborogh said the proposed bottle store would have a negative effect on the community.

“I’m not anti people drinking alcohol at all . . . we don’t need another bottle store,” she said.

Mrs Roxborogh says her two concerns are the health of the community and the impact of more litter.

Lincoln resident Dave Bunt said another bottle shop was not needed in the township.

“Two bottle stores are more than enough and having more will be completely at odds with what Lincoln is to me – a lovely small town and vibrant community,” he said.

Balhae Ltd could not be reached for comment. Submissions on the proposed liquor store close on Monday.