Group says current Moncks Bay pathway is “risky”

The Coastal Pathway Group is calling on the city council to fund the pathway's final section through Moncks Bay, which it says is a safety risk.

The Christchurch Coastal Pathway Group wants funding for the final section through Moncks Bay to be included in the Long Term Plan.

And safety is being cited as a prime reason.

Work on the penultimate stage of the Coastal Pathway, between Rapanui-Shag Rock and Scarborough, will start in spring and is expected to take about a year to complete.

The group believes numbers using the pathway will then mushroom, straining the unsealed temporary seaside footpath south of Shag Rock around Moncks Bay.

There is currently no money to build that part of the Coastal Pathway.

In a submission, group chairman Scott Babington said planning work needed to begin “now” as funding was available for this.

“However, the build programme really needs to be started within the next two years due to the significant safety risk that exists on the eastern side of Moncks Bay,” the submission said.

The group is calling on the city council to include funding in the LTP.

It is estimated to cost between $10-$12 million for the 0.8km section.

“This risky section has no barrier from a significant fall into the estuary (landing on rocks) and passing another
user going the other way places you at risk as you have to go to the unstable edge of the estuary to allow them to pass (particularly if they have a bike/buggy etc.)”

Mr Babington spoke at a submissions hearing on Saturday.

He said the CPG was applying for funding through other sources, which meant some of cost to the city council could be recovered.

The group is also paying for seats, fountains, crossing points, planting and other enhancements along the pathway.