Funding needed to re-turf Lyttelton rugby ground

UPGRADE: The Lyttleton Recreation Ground Reserve Management Committee is looking to re-turf the rugby fields and hopes city council will help with funding from the Long Term Plan 2018-2028.

The Lyttelton Recreation Ground reserve management committee is hoping to re-turf its rugby field and wants funding from the city council’s Long Term Plan.

It comes after the Lyttelton premier reserve team gained approval to enter division one of the Hawkins Metro Premier Reserve competition.

Committee chairman David Sanders said the move is “exciting, not just for the rugby club, but the entire community.”

However, the Canterbury Rugby Football Union is asking for a high standard of support facilities, including the grounds.

Mr Sanders spoke at a submission hearing on Monday about the committee’s plan to either re-turf or re-sow the field and establish a fertiliser and irrigation programme.

“The original turf is some decades old and a re-turf of the complete ground will provide an improved playing surface for many years to come.”

Mr Sanders said all playing surfaces require a re-turf at some time.

He asked that funding be granted for an independent review by a turf specialist to provide estimated costs and the best solution for the job.

“Alternatively, at the very least, if a re-turf is not supported then a re-sow of the entire ground would be a good second option,” he said.

To maintain the new turf, a seasonal fertiliser and irrigation programme would be needed to ensure it is kept to a high quality.

The ground is home to the Lyttelton Rugby Club and Lyttelton Football Club.