Denton Park supporters want to work with council

Denton Park supporters Lynette Anderson left, Brian Brodie, Marc Duff, Ross Houliston, Lynlea Willan and Mark Peters celebrate at Denton Park. PHOTO: Martin Hunter

Hornby advocates have pledged to work with the city council to find a new site for a multi-million dollar community facility in the suburb.

Save Denton Park Group and the Greater Hornby Residents Association said, together with city council staff, they want to find a location universally popular with Hornby residents.

The move comes after a hearing panel recommended to the Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board that a facility should not be built at Denton Park.

“We now eagerly await the Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board confirming this recommendation as soon as they are able to, and then move in an expedient timeframe to reselecting a new more suitable location for this desperately needed facility in the Hornby area, for the good of the Hornby people,” Save Denton Park chairman Mark Peters said.

He echoed Riccarton Ward councillor Vicki Buck’s concerns that children in Hornby urgently needed a local swimming pool in order to learn to swim.

Greater Hornby Residents Association chairman Marc Duff said there was no opposition to building a “leisure centre” in Hornby.

“It is wonderful that the council have given the community the opportunity to readdress the location but what is now important is the residents really get involved, support a location and work with the council speedily so there are no more delays to the project.

“We have ground to make up.”