Dalziel: Investing in Aranui

City council mayor Lianne Dalziel

It was a special day this week when a renewed memorandum of understanding was signed between the Aranui Community Trust and the Coastal-Burwood Community Board on behalf of the city council.

This relationship has its roots in a decision made 18 years ago when the Government decided to engage in a new way with communities through a community renewal partnership with Housing New Zealand, and through the strengthening communities action fund, which was designed to enable communities to decide for themselves what they needed to achieve their goals.

The strengthening communities action fund was only going to be a successful investment if the community sat at the table as an equal partner with Government and not as a mere applicant for funds with token representation on a governance body controlled by the Government.

We, as a city council, have sought to reclaim local leadership in the post-disaster environment. The community demands nothing less. Aranui’s strategic goals are set out in the MOU – they are enhancing the Aranui community’s social, spiritual and physical health, building Aranui people’s knowledge and learning, ensuring Aranui has a strong and safe physical infrastructure, enabling Aranui people to use their voice and celebrate their success, to build local leadership and to have a healthy organisation for the future.

Together they provide a platform for a secure and sustainable future for Aranui.

And this is what we need from central Government as it announces the promised capital acceleration fund in its first budget.

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