Community board member welcomes first child

NEW ARRIVAL: Community board member Linda Chen and her husband Robin have welcomes their first child, Sebastian.

Linda Chen has a new outlook on life after giving birth to her first child, Sebastian.

The Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board member and her husband Robin welcomed the baby boy on April 10 in what she described a “precious experience.”

“Having a child has not only been a precious experience for me, as a woman, but it has also changed the way I see the world. I now see the world as a mother – the agendas and issues in our ward have become a lot more personal now.”

Sebastian is also the first grandchild of both sides of the family, “so he is getting a lot of love and attention,” said Mrs Chen.

The couple first met while at primary school at the former Kendal School in Harewood.

“We are really happy that we have ended up settling back at Harewood and that we will be raising Sebastian here. Both Robin and I have fond memories growing up in this area,” she said.

Mrs Chen is the second community board member to welcome a child this term, with Jamie Gough’s wife, Jasmine, giving birth to their first child in September. As a board member, issues in the ward are now more “critical” said Mrs Chen.

“The decisions we make today will affect people’s families and our future generation so it is very crucial that we (board members) do not make rash decisions. We need to work closely with city council staff to forecast the consequences of our decisions in the long term, not just for the instant results.”