Bromley’s stinky sites investigated

SMELLY: Bromley has long had an odour problem, with many of the previous complaints having come from the Living Earth plant.

More than 60 sites in Bromley have been investigated for potentially causing a stink – but none were warranted bad enough for action.

Environment Canterbury and the city council have carried out an odour investigation project in the suburb, which currently gets the most complaints in Christchurch.

The project’s findings are being analysed and will be used to help further investigations as odour complaints continued.

City council solid waste manager Ross Trotter said it
was created to help provide a register of the industrial sites in Bromley to assess “potential odour risk”.

Of the 270 sites surveyed, 60 were noted as being activities or industries that could create odour. Seventeen of those had already been noted as being “at risk.”

“During the survey undertaken, three sites’ activities were noted for further investigation to Environment Canterbury,” Mr Trotter said.

“These activities were reviewed by a senior resource management officer and no pollution event was raised, as he was confident there was no further concern.”

Bromley has long had an odour problem.

The city council-owned organics processing plant Living Earth on Metro Place, which deals with the contents of green bins, has been the source of most of the complaints.

In 2016, a putrid stench wafted over the suburb plaguing residents and forcing Bromley School to close for two days, though the source was never determined.

Christchurch West Melton Banks Peninsula zone manager Steve Firth said the investigation meant they could determine the “character” of the different odours and how to deal with them in the future.

Since January 1, Bromley has had the highest number of odour complaints in the city.

ECan stats show there had been about 108 reports of odour, and 58 odour events.

An odour event is when complaints are received for the same location during any 24-hour period.

Fifty-one of the odour events were from Metro Place, where Living Earth is, three came from Senior Place, two from Tanya St, and one each from Wickham St and Francella Place.

Mr Firth said of the 16 substantiated odour events, many were not deemed offensive, while the source was unable to be found at others.