Wagner: Labour, NZ First pushing pro-union employment changes

We are a country of small businesses and over the last two years our businesses have created 245,000 additional jobs providing careers and better futures for as many individuals and their families.

So why are Labour and NZ First currently pushing pro-union employment law changes through Parliament, significantly increasing business costs and putting jobs in danger?

We have one of the strongest job markets in the world, with the third highest rate of employment in the developed world and one of the highest rates of full-time employment. Yet, in spite of this success, Labour is willing to put it at risk to help their union backers.

The Government is driving employment law changes through Parliament that will make it harder for businesses to innovate to boost productivity, increase red tape for hiring new staff, and give unions rights they haven’t had before. In fact, the Employment Relations Amendment Bill contains 14 changes which will add costs to businesses and make it harder to compete.

The Government fails to explain why these changes are needed. In an environment of record job growth, they make no sense for the New Zealand economy, employers, or the 82 per cent of workers who do not belong to a union. It appears this is all a simple payoff for Labour’s union supporters at the expense of everyone else.

But, the good news is it is not too late to make your voice heard. Members of Parliament are currently reviewing the Bill and a consultation is open.

If you want help making sense of how the changes affect you and putting in your own submission.