McDonald’s has sights on Marshland Rd restaurant

NEW: McDonald's is considering opening a restaurant on Marshland Rd, at the site of former Raeward Fresh.

McDonald’s is planning to open a restaurant on Marshland Rd near Prestons Rd.

It has applied to the city council to convert the former Raeward Fresh site at 410 Marshland Rd into a restaurant with a drive-through.

It is one of three restaurants McDonald’s wants to set up in Christchurch.

Others include one on Woolston’s Ferry Rd and one on Yaldhurst Rd.

It comes after parents, schools and doctors pleaded with the city council in 2016 to introduce a bylaw to stop fast food outlets opening close to schools.

The restaurant would also feature a McCafe and a playland area for children.

The Marshland Hall Trust is disappointed said member Sian Ruth after having its eye on the site for a potential community centre.

The current Marshland Hall is not fit for purpose and the trust is considering options for a new site.


  1. I personally think McDonalds should seriously think about opening a restaurant and McCafe in New Brighton to bring young families to the area with the new playground etc.

  2. McDonalds, just go away, don’t you have enough outlets in Christchurch. Personally, I would hate to see a McDonalds in Marshlands, just please go away.