Hospital’s park and ride service to increase in demand

People huddle together in the cold rain at Park and Ride on Deans Ave, they wait for a van ride to get to Christchurch Hospital. PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER

The CDHB is investigating how often the shuttle runs between Deans Ave and the hospital after latest figures show a jump in patronage.

“We are currently reviewing usage and scheduling of our vehicles to accommodate extra passengers,” CDHB support services manager Rachel Cadle said the shuttle runs every 15-20 minutes.

The CDHB is predicting an increase of about 26,000 passengers trips for 2018.

“The latest figures for the park and ride service from Deans Ave to Christchurch Hospital show that we are now transporting more hospital patients than ever before,” says CDHB chief executive David Meates.

In January and February of this year, the service took 52,000 trips.

“Which puts us on track for a record-breaking 330,000 passenger trips for the year if demand for the service continues at this rate,” he said.

In 2016 (January to December) the service took 229,000 trips between the car park and hospital. That was up 33 per cent in 2017 to 304,000.


  1. Actually, having a CBD itself is an outdated concept for modern cities. Having multiple sub-centres with different functions and characters connected with efficient transportation networks are the way to go for the future.

    Like just about everything else, even devastating quakes can have a few good sides. The canterbury quakes gave us a good chance to replan and rebuild (in its truest sense) the city in a way it would become a modern city for the future.

    NZ’s city and transportation planning is terribly backward – it needs to be way more farsighted, progressive and futuristic.

    I go to Chch hospital every 2~3 months and see the war-torn like CBD (still after 7 years!), I couldn’t believe the stupidity. And the fact that the central hospital is still in the CBD is simply ridiculous. Just move it somewhere on the outskirts of the city – that’s how the money should be spent. I guess it all comes down to the backward mentality prevalent in this country.