Drivers avoid pesky intersection

Drivers are avoiding the troublesome St Andrews Hill-Bridle Path Rd intersection by using The Brae to access Main Rd.

And it’s creating a steady flow of traffic down the steep, narrow street – prompting the city council to install new signage and stopping restrictions near the intersecting service road at the bottom of the hill.

The service road is a 100m cul-de-sac which runs parallel to Main Rd and intersects The Brae just before Main Rd.

It provides seven car parks for residents and their visitors and can also function as a ‘park and ride’ enabling drivers to park their vehicle and either use a bus service or the Coastal Pathway.

A city council report provided to the Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board said drivers travelling on The Brae as it approaches Main Rd had poor forward sight lines and were moving relatively quickly due to the downhill slope. A give way sign at the currently uncontrolled intersection of the service road with The Brae would reduce potential confusion, the report said.

And no-stopping lines will be implemented along the service road, to ensure vehicles don’t park near the intersection and interfere with sight lines.

The changes were approved by the board last week.