Community board get permission to oppose Templeton quarry

The Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board has been given the green light to oppose the planned quarry near Templeton.

Mayor Lianne Dalziel told the board on Thursday it had the okay from the city council to make a submission if Fulton Hogan applies for a resource consent to create a quarry.

Board chairman Mike Mora told Western News the submission would likely oppose Fulton Hogan’s plan.

“You can just about guarantee it . . . because we [the community board] don’t believe quarries should be so close to residential areas,” he said.

Mr Mora said he wasn’t sure if the city council would endorse the board’s submission.

“I’d like to think so because the city council has had their eyes open as well over recent years over the crystalline silica risk,” he said.

Mr Mora said the community board will be “representing and advocating” for the Templeton community.

There has been widespread opposition to the planned quarry on Dawsons, Curraghs and Jones Rds. Fulton Hogan says the quarry, which would be on a 170ha section of land, will be there for up to 40 years.

Residents have voiced concerns about the potential health risks, water issues and devaluing of properties.

Meanwhile, Mr Mora took a ‘NO QUARRY’ sign to the full city council meeting on Thursday. It came after the city council launched an investigation into the signs on properties in Templeton last week.

City council head of regulatory compliance Tracey Weston said it’s investigating the size and placement of the signs and whether they breach city council bylaws. “A planning assessment is currently being undertaken against the District Plan and Public Places Bylaw to determine what size signage is permitted in the areas where the signs are displayed,” she said.

Mr Mora said it was to show city councillors exactly what the signs look like and that “there shouldn’t be an issue.”