City council investigating ‘no quarry’ signs

“What have we done wrong?”

That’s what Templeton resident Janice Van Tongeren was thinking when a person who got out of a city council vehicle peered from about a metre away over her gate on Globe Bay Drive, on Tuesday.

She said the man told her he was taking note of the addresses who had “NO QUARRY” signs on their property.

He told Mrs Van Tongeren there was a “possibility” residents would have to take down the signs or they could be fined.

Some Templeton residents have placed the yellow signs on their fences in protest of Fulton Hogan’s plan to create a quarry nearby.

The construction firm says the quarry, which will be on a 170ha section of land on Dawsons, Curraghs and Jones Rds, will be there for up to 40 years.

City council head of regulatory compliance Tracey Weston confirmed that the city council is investigating the ‘size’ and ‘placement’ of the signs and whether they breach city council bylaws.

“A planning assessment is currently being undertaken against the District Plan and Public Places bylaw to determine what size signage is permitted in the areas where the signs are displayed,” she added.

Residents suspected that the complaints had come from Fulton Hogan or a real estate agent but Ms Weston said they came from members of the public.

A city council spokeswoman said she couldn’t answer why the man had peered over Mrs Van Tongeren, but said it could be to see how the sign was attached to the fence.

Mrs Van Tongeren said there’s no way she will be taking down her two signs.

“I’m not taking them down, they’re on my property… it’s not doing any harm to anyone, it’s proving it’s a point. It’s a free world isn’t it?,” Mrs Van Tongeren said.

A Fulton Hogan spokeswoman confirmed they had not laid a complaint to city council.