Call for anglers to clean up hooks, line

Polly Nash, upset with people leaving their fish hooks and lines along Beachville Road after fishing.

Used hooks and pieces of cut fishing line pose a hazard to bird and sea life.

Beachville Rd resident Polly Nash said anglers using the seawall were leaving used lines and hooks lying around rather than disposing of them responsibly.

She gathered up more than a dozen pieces of cut fishing line last Wednesday morning, including one that still had a rusty hook in it.

“I mentioned to one fisherman the environmental damage discarded lines and hooks cause to bird life as well as ocean life but he seemed indifferent and uncaring,” she said.

The seawall bordering the Avon-Heathcote estuary is a popular spot to fish from, especially on weekends.

But Ms Nash said she had noticed an increasingly “negligent and lazy” attitude towards disposing of surplus fishing line and hooks.

She contacted the Bay Harbour News hoping to raise awareness of the problem.

“People (need) to wake up and show greater responsibility for their actions when fishing because one day a child or a dog could stand on a hook, a bird get entangled and lose a leg or worse.”

The monofilament line can also be deadly to wildlife as ocean animals can’t break free once entangled.

Lost monofilament lines and nets can take many years to degrade.

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