Traffic signals to be installed earlier at busy roundabout

BUSY: Ellesmere Junction Rd, Springs Rd and Gerald St roundabout traffic.

Traffic signals could be installed earlier than planned to combat congestion at a roundabout in Lincoln.

The district council is planning to place traffic lights at the Gerald St/Springs Rd/Ellesmere Junction Rd intersection in 2027/28 as part of its draft Long Term Plan 2018-2028.

But the district council’s transportation asset manager Andrew Mazey said it will consider advancing the upgrade earlier than expected if traffic delays become of significant concern.

He said the it will be monitoring the performance of the intersection.

It comes as traffic is often backed up to New World Lincoln and along Springs Rd at peak hours in the morning.

“Council is very aware that this busy intersection needs to operate efficiently within realistic levels at peak morning and evening times to deal with the increasing traffic demands,” Mr Mazey said.

The traffic demands are a result of Lincoln University and other developments in the area, including the Te Whāriki subdivision.

The traffic signal installation is part of a series of roading upgrades in support of the Lincoln Town Centre master plan.

Mr Mazey said the plan will progressively upgrade Gerald St from east to west over the next 14 years.

It is estimated the upgrade will cost $1.92 million.

Lincoln chief fire officer Jeremy Greenwood said at peak times the roundabout can be an issue.

“But we take our time and get round the best we can considering the circumstances,” he said.

Deputy Mayor Malcolm Lyall said there is a lot of congestion due to a lot of single occupant cars travelling to the university.

“I do wish more people going to the university would use public transport but it doesn’t seem to happen,” he said.

Mr Lyall said he would welcome a review of having the traffic lights installed earlier than 2027/28.

Leeston resident Caitlin Miles, who travels to Christchurch via Lincoln most days said the traffic along that section of the road is “ridiculous” at the moment.

She said she will be glad to see the district council do something – but “the sooner the better.”

However, Lincoln Club president and Hammer Hardware owner Lynn Townsend said while he does not travel through the roundabout at busy times, the roundabout works well.

“Anytime I go through there, there is never any problem at all,” he said.

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