Popular Port Hills walking track reopening could take longer

WAITING GAME: The city council is warning the Kennedys Bush Track may not reopen on April 1 as planned.

The reopening of Kennedys Bush Track may be delayed again.

The track, which has been closed since the Port Hills fires in February last year, was initially due to reopen on December 31.

City council operations manager regional parks Kay Holder said the walkway, which is mostly on unformed legal road and some private property, is due to open on April 1 but the landowner may need more time.

“The land owner has recently indicated that they may request an extension to this, but that has not yet formally been made,” she said.

Damaged trees have prevented the popular exercise spot from being accessible sooner.

A wet winter slowed progress and initial logging attempts were put on hold.

Ms Holder said some trees have been cleared, but they are yet to check the entire length of track.

Halswell Community Project chairwoman Chrys Horn said she would be “very disappointed” if there was another delay.

She said “there may be good reasons behind it but we haven’t been told them.”