Lincoln business ditches disposable cups

CHEERS: Deputy mayor Malcolm Lyall, The Lincoln Pantry owner Phillippa Boa and Lincoln Envirotown trustee Sue Jarvis celebrating the launch of the businesses' campaign to use reusable cups only.

A Lincoln boutique food store has ditched its disposable cups – and is challenging other businesses to do the same.

The Lincoln Pantry will divert about 35,000 cups away from the landfill each year after switching to reusable cups last week.

The business officially launched its campaign on Thursday at an event officiated by Deputy Mayor Malcolm Lyall.

With nearly 300 million disposable coffee cups going to landfill each year, The Lincoln Pantry owner Phillippa Boa said a drastic response was necessary and decided to ditch the disposables altogether.

“It’s not just the amount of waste to landfill that’s created by the inability to effectively compost the cups, it’s also the amount of energy that goes into creating the cups in the first place, and the ongoing management of them in the waste stream thereafter,” she said.

Mrs Boa said as a result, it is joining the BYO cup movement and, from now on, will only provide takeaway coffee in reusable cups.

“Disposable cup-free pantry today, disposable cup-free Lincoln tomorrow? Disposable cup-free Canterbury and New Zealand hopefully soon to follow,” she said.

To further encourage BYO behaviour, all purchases of keep cups from The Lincoln Pantry will be rewarded with a free coffee.

Mrs Boa said the business has an affordable range of options – from basic bamboo and bio-versions through to premium-branded glass keep cups.

For the “texters and serial forgetters”, the pantry offers a ‘swappacup’ subscription system. “People who text in their coffee order are usually on a deadline, so having to come in with their own keep cup would actually slow them up. With “swappacup”, they just swap their old cup for a new cup with their favourite brew all ready to go,” Mrs Boa said.

She said it is ideal for those who forget their keep cup or those who haven’t had the opportunity to clean their cup.

“But we’re more than happy to swap a dirty one for a clean one. The rewards for the planet are worthwhile”. The Lincoln Pantry’s initial investment in reusable cups was made with the support of Lincoln Envirotown and it hopes the initiative will encourage other businesses to follow suit.

•For more information go to The Lincoln Pantry’s Facebook page.