Fulton Hogan’s planned truck movements concern residents

ISSUES: Fulton Hogan has revealed it's expecting to have 1500 truck movements each day at it's proposed Dawsons, Curraghs and Jones Rds quarry.

One-hundred-and-twenty-five truck movements every hour.

That’s what Weedons and Templeton residents may face if the proposed quarry near their areas goes ahead.

Fulton Hogan says the quarry, which will be on a 170ha section of land on Dawsons, Curraghs and Jones Rds, will be there for up to 40 years.

The company told Western News it is anticipating 1500 truck movements in or out of the site a day.

Templeton Residents’ Association chairman Garry Kilday is concerned about the large number of trucks on roads which are already busy.

“Fifteen hundred will go past a specific point everyday over a 12-hour period. Now that’s 125 truck movements per hour,” he said.

Fulton Hogan said the time and days the quarry would be open was part of its resource consent application, which the company won’t divulge yet.

Mr Kilday said the company had “completely thrown their neighbourhood and community into chaos.”

A Fulton Hogan spokesman said if resource consent is granted for the quarry “it will not operate until new access roads have been built to accommodate the increase in truck movements.”

He said the company was aware of the community’s concerns about more truck movements.

“We intend to work collaboratively with the community and local authorities to position our quarry entrance so that the majority of truck movements will access and exit via State Highway 1, rather than using local roads,” he said.

Templeton and Weedons residents have expressed their concerns about the potential health risks, water issues and devaluing of properties at public meetings in the past couple of months.