Call for Redcliffs parking restrictions

PARKING: Redcliffs pharmacist Daryl Sayer wants more parking time limit signs along Main Rd.

Redcliffs Pharmacy owner Daryl Sayer is calling for more parking restrictions in the

There is only one park outside his business – but it has no time limit and vehicles sometimes stay parked in it all day.

He said people enjoy convenience and if there is no car park available, they will drive past.

“Restricting parking in a small number of key areas in Redcliffs will stop people from using the parks longer-term (in some cases all day), thus making them more easily available for someone who wishes to ‘pop in’ to a shop or business.”

Mr Sayer said the implementation of p120 at the eastern end of the village, opposite the New World supermaket had prompted him to take action.

He has approached the Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board and is hoping the city council will look at extending the restrictions.

Business operators in Redcliffs had been discussing the topic for some time, Mr Sayer said.

“We frequently have customers commenting on the availability (or lack) of the car parks that are provided on the street. We need to encourage people who live in the area to support their local businesses – use it or lose it.”

Board member Darrell Latham said he has asked a city council traffic engineer to look into it.

“I can certainly see it’s an issue of concern,” he said.