Adams tackled over impact of motorway comments

Selwyn MP Amy Adams

Selwyn MP Amy Adams has been told she is wrong to claim the New Zealand Transport Agency is not monitoring traffic volume on West Melton roads.

Ms Adams recently released a statement saying she is concerned about the impact the Christchurch Southern Motorway Stage 2 will have on West Melton roads.

She said she is disappointed NZTA has not carried out transport modelling on roads which will be affected by the new motorway.

It follows a recent meeting she had with NZTA regarding her concerns.

However, NZTA’s regional relationships director Jim Harland said it is not correct to say traffic volumes have not been monitored.

“Our traffic count database, which covers all highways, is monitored regularly by transport planning staff to identify when issues may arise on the network,” he said.

Ms Adams said while she is a supporter of CSM2, she is worried about Weedons Ross Rd and the intersection of the same road with State Highway 73.

“I would have assumed that NZTA would have done modelling on the impact of CSM2 on surrounding roads using current data but this appears to not have been the case.’’

Mr Harland said the West Melton intersection has been identified and as a result NZTA is planning an intersection upgrade in the next three year transport programme.

This is to improve safety and access as a response to residential development and traffic growth at the intersection.

Mr Harland said transport modelling of the intersection will occur when the project is being designed and planned.

But Ms Adams said NZTA has not updated its traffic volume data since 2000 – in spite of Selwyn experiencing some of the fastest growth in the country.

“This leaves West Melton residents and drivers who commute via this intersection daily without any assurance that there is an adequate plan in place to manage the growing traffic volumes at this location and mitigate health and safety risks for drivers and pedestrians.

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