The brow queen

As a qualified beauty therapist, what led you to specialise in eyebrows?

My obsession started when I was re-trained on the Gold Coast by a leading American brow company. The way brow shaping can change a person’s face so dramatically, fascinated me completely.


What difference does a set of good brows make?

It changes your whole face and take years off your age. The right brow shape will soften your appearance by framing your eyes, rather than being a feature in themselves. You just need to look at before and after photos on my Facebook page or website to see the difference – they speak for themselves.

What options are there for those with limited brow hair?

The good news is that with the brow technology and products available today, we have a lot of options from brow rehab through to cosmetic brow tattooing. The consultation is vital as it’s here we discuss the best repair method. It’s such an individual process.


How did you build such a reputation that people travel from all over New Zealand to see you?

You might be better to ask my clients that question! I focus on doing the best job that I can do and I’m completely brow obsessed – constantly training and wanting to learn more. My clients trust me and my reputation has grown organically. I get referrals on a daily basis.


What hurdles have you had to overcome to become a successful businessperson?

Where do I start! People tell me I’m lucky to have such a successful business but I’ve had to work hard to build this. Brows are easy for me – it’s my art, my therapy, but building and running a business on my own, while juggling a young family was where the hard yards came in. I’ve relied on business mentors but listened to my own intuition all the way through.


PHONE: 022 044 5429