New road markings to thwart speedsters

New road markings are to be put in on Rothesay Rd in a bid to deter speeding motorists.

The area of the Parklands road between Queenspark and Putake Drive has had ongoing issues with excessive vehicle speeds.

In a memo to the Coastal-Burwood Community Board, city council staff said it is likely due to the fact the part of Rothesay Rd has a forest on the north side and so has no road markings.

“It presents a very open traffic environment and perhaps feels less like a 50km/h urban road but more like a higher speed rural road to some users,” staff said.

The board asked city council staff to investigate the possibility of relocating bollards to address parking and speeding issues.

However staff said: “Removing/relocating the bollards at the front north side of the parking bays…may in fact be counter-productive in that it would create an even more open traffic environment and potentially lead to higher vehicle speeds.”

Instead staff said to address both speed issues and encroachment of parked vehicles, new road markings are to be installed.

New edge and centre lines will be painted around the curve opposite 102 and 104 Rothesay Rd. There are currently no road markings there.

“The proposed road markings will define the edge of the roadway and therefor the depth of the parking bays as well as provide a visual narrowing of the roadway and present a more urban road environment that will help moderate vehicle speeds,” the memo said.