Police to fugitive: ‘Give up’ to stop focus on family and friends

RINGS RETURNED: La Bu owner Mehmet Bayram (left) had $110,000 worth of rings returned after he was burgled last year. Detective Sergeant Damon Wells said pressure will still be applied to find Craig Murray Shaw who has a warrant for his arrest and is actively avoiding police. PHOTO: Martin Hunter

Police have called on fugitive Craig Murray Shaw to give himself up for the sake of his family and friends.

Police have been raiding properties throughout the city looking for the 42-year-old who has been on the run for just over two weeks.

“As long as he remains on the run from police it will have an impact on his family and friends. So it would appear he is happy to inconvenience them while he is on the run,” Detective Sergeant Damon Wells said yesterday.

The move comes a week after Shaw contacted the news media saying police had the wrong suspect for the $200,000 jewellery burglary at La Bu, The Tannery, in Woolston in November.

The burglar cut a hole in the roof, climbed down into the mall, broke into the
jewellery store and then left through the roof.

Shaw told Stuff last week he had severe asthma and was too sick to have committed the break-in.

Detective Sergeant Wells said search warrants on family, friends and acquaintances will continue as they look to find Shaw, which could mean charges if they can prove someone is hiding him.

“They need to consider their options if they are hiding him. They could face charges if we can prove it,” he said.

And, in a surprise move on Tuesday, police recovered $110,000 of the jewellery haul from Memorial Park Cemetery in Bromley. There were about 1500 rings inside a bag.

They were directed there by an anonymous tip-off from an untraceable number – believed
to have been made by Shaw himself, said Detective Sergeant Wells.

“I would suggest it is probably a result of some pressure applied from associates who are sick of police coming knocking on doors trying to find the person we are after,’’ he said.

Police have executed a number of search warrants trying to find him and they would continue, he said.

He said Shaw himself was responsible for the search warrants police were carrying out.

“Him not doing the right thing for an innocent man, which he is claiming to be, and has done in the media a number of times, you know, he is putting pressure on them. We are not putting the pressure on them. He is.”

Shaw was summonsed to appear in the district court on January 31 but failed to appear and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

He has been a suspect of the burglary since it took place on November 26.

Shaw is also wanted for questioning in connection with two similar burglaries of a petrol station in Linwood and a dairy.

•Anyone with information about Shaw’s whereabouts can phone 363 7400 or anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.